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the great and terrible

Welcome to the center of my sprawling warren of pages. This is my probably-doomed attempt to organize my mess, such that folks can navigate it without getting too frustrated. Behold: below are the places you can go, and what you can expect to find there. In handy table form!

A grayscale manga with color covers, which explores the question of just how far down you can go and still find your way back home. Updates every Sunday, barring disasters.
A full-color comic with no style whatsoever, in which an Unseelie elf and a boy obsessed with clockwork get themselves into as much trouble as I can think of. And probably into bed as well. Updates at random.
A truly lovely full-color comic drawn by the astonishing Rah, to a script by my hand which doesn't nearly do her art justice. Updates one page every Tuesday.

THE GOD EATERS A novel, complete, with a few halfassed illustrations.

My short stories, some of which aren't half bad.

My poems, a few of which are pretty good as random-poems-on-the-web go.

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